When Christa and I first met Xia at the Steiner’s household, she came right up to us and greeted us with a few hugs and cuddles. We knew at that moment that she would be our first forever pup. Since adopting Xia, she has grown into the best dog both of us have ever come into contact with…and we were both raised with dogs in our families. She is loving, caring, gentle, and full of energy when appropriate. The love and comfort she provides Christa and I is infinite. We have recently been in talks about training her to become a therapy dog, since we believe Xia’s love is meant to be shared with those in need of it most. We can’t imagine our lives without Z pup, and we thank the Steiner’s for loving/caring for Xia so much as a puppy that she grew into the best dog we could have ever imagined. We would absolutely work with the Steiner’s again to arrange another adoption, and hope to sooner rather than later 😊.  

Bill - PA - Piper Puppy


The experience getting Mo has been amazing and having him has been great as well. He brings so much fun and love to every situation. He’s amazing! I wouldn’t trade him for anything! We just love this little guy so much! 

 Amira - Cleveland, Ohio - Piper Puppy


Our family  enthusiastically endorces the Steiners....the entire Steiner family was so kind to us and we immediately fell in love with the litter as well as the parents.  [Our dog] wants nothing more than to be with us no matter what that means....and she is definitely a companion dog who is extremely good with children as well as strangers.  

The Camp family-Medina, Ohio