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Welcome to Mini Doodles Dandy

Mini Doodles Dandy is a family business.  We love our mini goldendoodles and want others to experience the joy of having their own furry friend.  We are dedicated to helping you find a great puppy.  Mini goldendoodles are known for being hypoallergenic and are therefore a great pick for a pet lover who has experienced allergies with other animals.  We are happy to provide pictures of the parents on request and will update our puppy pictures around once a week when we have new litters.  

We are a family of 11 that have been breeding standard labradoodles, standard goldendoodles, and  mini goldendoodles  for the last 9 years.  We began our business to help occupy our children's time and teach them work ethic and responsibility.   Our daughter Noelle hand delivers almost all of our puppies.  Our sons Malaki and Daniel love to be in the pictures with the puppies, and Gideon takes care of feeding them.   Our oldest daughter helps maintain our website and instagram account.  

We provide our dogs with the health treament plan recommended by our vet Dr Jeff Lanz from Turkeyfoot Vet Clinic.  Jeff makes sure that our dogs stay up to date on all vaccinations.  We provide our dogs with monthly Tri-Heart Plus and Front Line Pus for heart worm, flea and tick control.  

 We also sometimes have older dogs that we have retired from breeding.  We know some of you prefer to skip the puppy stage. Adopting an older dog is a great way to miss the chaos of the puppy stage, and we have some very sweet adult mommas ready to love you! 

Spring Litter:

Bailey F1 Mini Goldendoodle x Ace F1B Mini Goldendoodle  BORN January 27th  ready March 23rd pups will be 20-30 lbs (last Bailey litter)

$1500 plus OH sales tax 

1.)  Logan Paulding, OH (dep paid)

2.)  Karin S Mentor, OH (dep paid)

3.)  Nancy S Lorain, OH (dep paid)

4.)  Susan Cincy, OH (dep paid)

5.)  Caitlin Cincy, OH (d

Piper F1B Mini Goldendoodle x Ace F1B Mini Goldendoodle due Apr 2020 ready to go home Jun 2020 … pups will be 20-30 lbs (last Piper litter)

$1500 plus OH sales tax 

1.) Makayla in NH (dep paid) 

2.) Ali Fairlawn, OH (dep paid)

3.) MMD reserved

4.) MMD reserved

5.) Kristopher in MI (dep paid)

6.) Ivan Columus, OH (dep paid)

We are looking for homes for both Bailey and Piper.  Adoption will be $600 with $300 going towards spay which my vet will perform.  Contact us if intere


Current Active Litters

Bailey had a litter of mini  goldendoodles on January 27th.  She had four boys and three girls.  We still have two spots left open for these puppies that will mature to 20-30 lbs.  This is Bailey's retirement litter and we have had excellent feedback on all her previous litter pups!  See pics of the baby pups below...

We are also collecting deposits for Piper Mini Goldendoodle litters that will be born in April.

If you are interested in reserving  a puppy for adoption  then you will need to fill out an application (application in download section below) and send us a $300 deposit.  You can send application and deposit at the same time or wait for approval and then send us a deposit.  If you are declined then we will refund 100% of the deposit.  Deposit can be sent via Venmo, Paypal and Zelle.  If you use Paypal pleases select friends and family so that Paypal doesn't charge 3% fee.  This deposit will reserve your spot on the picking list for selecting your puppy.  Puppy selection happens once pups are 5-6 weeks old.  Picking order goes in the order of how the deposits are received.  First deposit gets first pick and second deposit gets the second pick...etc.  Puppies normally go to their forever homes shortly after they turn 8 weeks old.

We only breed mini Goldendoodle and mini Sheepadoodle pups.  All of our pups mature to 20-35 lbs.  The pups will be crate trained and come with a travel crate. Our puppies get well socialized with both with adults and kids. They will be up to date on vaccinations which are provided by our local vet Dr Jeff Lanz at Turkeyfoot Vet Clinic. Dr Lanz completes a vet examination and provides a health certificate of his review of each puppy. Each puppy is given Revolution to prevent flea and heartworms. We provide a 2 year health guarantee and we are thankful to say that we haven't had to honor after 9 years of breeding pups. We have completed genetic testing on our breeding dogs to help ensure that we are breeding healthy pups. We live in Creston, OH and we will deliver the pups directly to you if you are within 2 hours of us.  If you would like us to deliver your puppy outside of the 2 hour radius then please contact us and we

can provide the cost of hand delivering the puppy directly to you.  On your picking day you can come to visit the puppies or we can do a Facetime/Whats App/video/photo selection depending on your schedule/preference. Puppies will go to their forever homes on or shortly after they turn 8

weeks old. If you are interested in a litter of

our puppies please send us your puppy application to  Feel free to call/text Rick 330-464-6086 for more information.  We would be happy to do a quick Facetime session with you to meet us and the pups!


Q: How do we get our goldendoodle puppy? 

A:  We will work with you to make this process as easy as possible.  There are several options.  We are willing to deliver puppies within 2 hours of Creston, OH and delivery is included in the price of the puppy.  We are also willing to deliver outside of two hours for a fee.  Please contact us and we can provide the cost of this delivery.   Delivery can include driving or flying, but we will only hand deliver.  We will not put your mini goldendoodle puppy on a plane by itself.  

Q:  When can we get our puppy?

A:  Your puppy can usually come home at 8 weeks.

Q:  How does puppy application and selection process work?

A:    If you are interested in reserving a Mini Doodles Dandy (MDD) puppy then you will need to fill out an application and send us a $300 deposit.  This deposit will reserve your spot on the picking list for selecting your puppy.  Picking order goes in the order of how the deposits are received.  First deposit gets first pick and second deposit gets the second pick...etc.   You are welcome to come to our home to pick out your puppy or we can do facetime or other video options for your convenience.  Deposits are normally non refundable unless you have extenuating circumstances.  We like working with reasonable people and we strive to be reasonable.  😀

Q:  Are the puppies checked by a vet?

A:  Yes, all of our puppies have been vet checked by our vet Dr. Jeff Lanz, DVM.  Jeff works for Turkeyfoot Pet Center in Green Ohio.   Our mini goldendoodles will come with a health certificate and a health record.  They will be current on their vaccinations and deworming when they come home to you.  Jeff gives them Revolution for flea and heartworm prevention at the first vet appointment.  You will need to schedule a vet check with your vet as soon as possible after you get your puppy for consistency of care.  

Q.   Do you guarantee the health of your puppies? 

A.  Yes we provide a two year health guarantee for our mini goldendoodle puppies.   

Q.  How big do these mini goldendoodle puppies grow?

A.  Our mini goldendoodle puppies grow to be around 20-25 pounds.    Their colors will range from blonde to red and we cannot predict the type of coat they will have.  

Q:  What food should we give our new puppy?

A:  Our vet recommends Science Diet and therefore all of our dogs and puppies are given Science Diet dog/puppy food.  For the best transition from our home to yours we recommend that you initially provide your puppy with Hill's Science Diet Puppy Chicken Meal & Barley Dry Dog Food.

Q:  Do you charge sales tax?

A:  Yes, The Wayne County, Ohio sales tax is 6.50%, consisting of 5.75% Ohio state sales tax and 0.75% Wayne County local sales taxes.

Q:  What payment methods do you take?

A:  We take cash, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle

For PayPal and Venmo (@Dawn-Steiner-2) you can send using and select "Friends & Family" to avoid 3% PayPal Fee.

For Zelle please send to 330-464-6086 phone number.  If Venmo asks for the last four digits of our phone number then use 9997.


Mini Doodles Dandy Application (pdf)